Whether you are a solo artist, rock band, or folk duo, Brandon's pursuit is to help you find the sound you deeply desire. Brandon has a gift to help bring the best out of an artist. It comes from being an art lover and an artist himself first. He admires the God given ability to create unique artistic expressions. Brandon defines himself as a classic producer. Working on almost 300 records he has had to diversify style and how he goes about making records in general. He thinks of the song and artist first. He focuses on the preproduction and rewriting (if needed) before the artist hits the studio and eats up studio time. He believes in using a professional studio environment with the right tools to do it the right way. At the same time he knows when certain tools are needed and when they are not so that when the budget is tighter the artist can save much needed cash for other important pieces of the process. If this means going on location at a show or a cabin in the woods he will bring the necessary tools to capture who the artist truly is and what story they want to tell.

The process typically goes like this:

  1. Songwriting(if needed)

  2. Preproduction/Rewriting

  3.  General tracking (rhythm section and base instruments)

  4. Overdubbing

  5. Vocal tracking and harmonies

  6. Editing and cleaning up the tracks

  7. Mixing

  8. Mastering

Sometimes the project calls for an additional engineer, musicians, and mixing engineer but Brandon is a studio quality musician on many instruments and also wears many hats when the budget needs it. Mastering is something Brandon will never take a stab at. Although the equipment is available, Brandon has always believed it took a different kind of ear to do this process of the record.

Production Credits include

but not limited to:
Allen Stone, Justin Beiber, Stacie Orrico, The Banner Days, Circleslide, Stomptown Revival, Holly Starr, Beth Whitney, Jaime Jamgochian, Moneta, Endeverance, Amber Pacific, Matt Macdonald of Classic Crime, Giorgio Ammirabile, Lidia Genta, Sony Records, Warner Bothers records, Centricity Records, Save the City Records, The Responding Records, won an Island music award (Canada), nominated for Juno (Canada), and Grammy nominated

(long list but hey, it's something ;), etc

If you want to hear a couple examples of Brandon's work check out this link: Demo Reel

If you want to inquire about Brandon for a new project email: 

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